Target Market and Product Fair Value Statements

Page last updated: 14/09/2022

The Financial Conduct Authority (FCA), in its Policy Statement (PS21/5) has introduced new rules on general insurance pricing practices (GIPP) and these became effective on 1 October 2021 and 1 January 2022. We explain here how Aro Underwriting, as a product manufacturer / co-manufacturer, intends to fulfil the requirements on demonstrating product value.

Aro are committed to improving outcomes for policyholders and have in place processes to assess risk and value. Provided below is information about our products that is designed to assist those distributing Aro products. This includes but isn’t limited to details on the intended markets of the products.


LMA9198 - Product Value - Information Exchange - Tradesman - Allied World - March 2022


LMA9198 - Product Value - Information Exchange - RPO - Allied World - March 2022


LMA9198 - Product Value - Information Exchange - CPO - Allied World - March 2022


LMA9198 - Product Value - Information Exchange - BOF - Allied World - March 2022

Aro Underwriting
Fair Value Assessments

Fair Value Assessments for products are undertaken by Aro on a regular basis, to confirm that our products continue to offer value for money to the intended policyholders, that they perform as expected.

These assessments include:

  • The nature of the product
  • coverage and exclusions
  • The target market
  • Pricing
  • Capacity provider
  • Operational capability
  • Underwriting expertise
  • Servicing / documentation

Aro Underwriting
Costs in Our Distribution Chain

Aro also compile and review information of fees and charges made by brokers on our products to ensure oversight of the distribution chain.

We require support from all brokers in providing us with information on fees and other costs that are associated on our products.

Please see below link to our Fair Value Form, which we require to be completed and returned to us via email to: 

Fair Value Form

Aro Product Approval Template (APAT) v6

If you have any queries contact: